Wow pretty incredible story

Ryan Helm is a beast.. he raced a 12’6 at the Carolina Cup and his fin broke right at the start. Have you ever tried to paddle a board without a fin? Its REAL hard, can’t even imagine doing it at the graveyard. Check this story from Sup Racer. See the full story

“This photo highlights one of THE most extraordinary stories I’ve ever heard in SUP racing. Ryan Helm snapped his fin out at the very start of the race but still managed to complete the entire 13 mile course – ocean, flat water, waves and all. And considering his board was snaking its way around Wrightsville Beach, he finished in a very respectable time. Ryan was taking just two strokes on each side in a desperate attempt to keep his board tracking somewhat straight. It was an incredible show of sheer determination and a stubborn refusal to concede defeat against mother nature. However there wasn’t much Ryan could do at Mason’s, with his 12’6 Riviera sliding almost completely sideways as he tried to catch this one (coincidentally, Ryan – who is one of the world’s best stand up surfers – is actually famous for SUP surfing with no fins, however I doubt he’s practiced it too much on a 12’6)”


Here is a video of Ryan surfing fin-less, pretty impressive

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