First off, big shout out to last years winners!!  You all CRUSHED IT. To see a full list from last year click HERE

1 Bryan Barton 28 1 Mary Howser 39
2 Joe Ward 26 2 Sarah Nelson 27
3 Jason Phipps 25 3 Teresa Plitt 21


As we have said before we are not trying to make this complicated or overly serious. Its just a way to add another fun element to local races and to help encourage participation. This is meant to be fun and we hope everyone enjoys it, and its FREE.

Since not everyone can or wants to do 9 mile or 17 mile solo races we figured we would break it down like this. We want to encourage everyone to do the longer courses if they can but we also want to reward the shorter courses as well, so everyone who races short or long will get a chance to earn points. This is not a separate point system though, its all one.  We just don’t want to see anyone jumping down to the short course just for the points though 🙂

Men’s and Ladies divisions. We are going to keep it simple Men’s is 14′ and under and Ladies is 12’6 and under unless there are enough Ladies who race 14′ boards this season, if so we will consider changing it.

Point system:

Long course:                              Short Course :

1st- 10 points                            1st- 5 points

2nd- 9 points                           2nd- 4 points

3rd- 8 points                           3rd- 3 points

4th- 7 points                           4th- 2 points

5th- 6 points                           All other places – 1 point for attendance.

6th -5 points

7th- 4 points

8th- 3 points

All other places – 2 points for attendance.

This is for Maryland paddlers and our friends in DE and DC as well.

Races Included (subject to change):

  • June 2nd- Bay Bridge Paddle 2018 (Annapolis)
  • June 16th- Return to Goat Island 2018 (Snow Hill, MD)
  • June 23th- Paddle Second Chance 2018 ( Dagsboro, DE)
  • July 8th- B’more Sup Cup 2018 (Dundalk, MD)
  • July 14th – East Of Maui-Easterport YC chesapeake stand up Challenge 2018 (Annapolis, MD)
  • August 18th- Battle on the Bay 2018 (Ocean City, MD)
  • Sept/Oct- Lianne Ritter Regatta (Edgewater) TBD
  • Sept 15th- Eastern Watersports Sup Race (Baltimore)
  • October 6th- Stand Up Paddle Annapolis Race (Kent Island)

There may be a few more added as well. If you know of any fun local races let us know we would love to add them

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