THE EOM Race recap

You could not ask for better conditions at this years East Of Maui Boardshop race in Easport this past Saturday. Not real hot (at the start anyway) and pretty flat conditions for most of the race. It was another great turnout from Mark and Mark who always put on a first class event. I believe the final count was 155 paddlers which is great!!  What is really impressive is the amount of Ladies who are racing these days, the men’s numbers have dropped slightly over the years and the ladies are growing. In the MD Sup Point series there are now more Ladies who have raced this year compared to the men.. I know I talked to Carleen Birnes from Mantra fit and she had 9 first time racers at the race. AWESOME JOB LADIES

Mark and Mark did it up right as always with killer food, drinks, Live band and just an all around fun time.

We had to leave before the racers arrived back but we were able to snap a few photos of the start. There are some even better photos from Walk About Media, check them out HERE 

Now I am sure all of you have heard about what most are calling #buoyGate ha-ha. We were only there for the start so we do not know what actually happened but long story short is that some of the top finishers were DQ’d for missing a Buoy. Nobody ever wants a race to end this way, it is an unfortunate situation all around. However lets not let that take away from a great event, its all about having fun and from what it sounds like that mission was accomplished.

East Of Maui Posted the final results HERE .. The MD SUP Point series is still really close with a few more races to go, we go by paddle guru results from the directors but we did not want to give 0 points to all the racers who were DQ’d as they still paddled their hearts out so we gave them the 2 points for finishing it. You can find the updated standings HERE 

We hope everyone has a great week!! Try and beat the heat on the water 🙂

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Top 20 Point series. For full results go to MD SUP Race page

1 Bryan Barton 24 1 Mary Howser 29
2 Erik Kauffman 23 2 Corrine Banks 18
3 Jason Phipps 20 3 Lindsay Cook 18
4 Joe Ward 17 4 Sarah Nelson 17
5 Chris Sperry 15 5 Courtney Clarke 13
6 Jack Ballard 15 6 Teresa Plitt 13
7 Jim Calvert 15 7 Julie Borsetti 13
8 Wyatt Everhart 13 8 Jessica Morgan 13
9 Brian Schmid 13 9 Brenda Norman 12
10 Neil Macindoe 13 10 Michaela Carpenter 10
11 Chris Norman 12 11 Kenna Oseroff 9
12 F M Lendor 11 12 Kathy Summers 8
13 Kevin Haigis 11 13 Karen Apollony 7
14 Chris Moylan 11 14 Kate Dowling 7
15 Emerson Smith 10 15 Lynda Cubelo 7
16 Matt Jones 10 16 Carleen Birnes 7
17 Wayne Best 9 17 Cindy Eisele 6
18 Ron Gossard 8 18 Mackenzie Rawls 6
19 Daniel Rapp 8 19 Jeanna Leigh 5
20 Justin Markel 8 20 Jaime Davis 5

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