The Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge may be one of the coolest places to paddle anywhere!!! With the big race coming up in May there are more and more people paddling out there everyday, and while it is beautiful just please remember to be careful. The weather can turn in an instant and the currents and chop can really get roaring there, also its now rockfish season so you will see A LOT and we mean A LOT of people out fishing. This time of year anglers use planer boards which make an average size boat essentially 100ft wide or more, these are big wooden pieces that glide in the water attached to the side of the boats. They then put fishing lines across this, it gives the anglers a better chance at catching fish because in stead of 2 or 4 rods they can now troll 15 to 20 rods making it seem like a school of fish. Just be warned these fisherman will NOT get out of your way, they can not make sharp turns when they are using these so give them plenty of space. Be safe go with a friend and make sure you have a leash, phone, PFD, and a BRIGHT colored shirt on so boats can see you..

If you take the proper precautions it can be one of the best paddles ever!! Good luck


Here are some shots from Bay Bridge Race director Shendan Grove

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