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If you are involved in the local MD paddling scene I am sure most of you have heard of Solace Sup Boards and know Rich. For those of you that do not know Rich Price he is an Ocean City, MD based paddler and board maker. He makes some killer and environmental friendly boards and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Rich is looking to grow and expand his business so he started a kickstart page HERE , please check it out and share. Watch the video to learn more about Solace and also check out the Q&A below with Rich
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MD SUP: How did you get into making boards and where did the name come from?
Rich: I started stand up paddling back in 2010 and when I went to purchase a board, it was hard to find one that I liked with looks, performance and  a mid price point.  I became efficient with a board design CAD program and started consulting with experienced custom board builders. Eventually, I met with professional manufacturing facilities in person and started sampling/testing the shapes.
Our name Solace SUP Boards came from one of my favorite Australian musical artist, Xavier Rudd. He plays like 3 to 4 instruments at once which is crazy and fun to watch. He has a song named “Solace”. It means “to find comfort in”. The feel of that song and what it means felt perfect for my brand.
MD SUP: What sets your boards apart from the rest?
Rich: The design and quality details of our boards. We invest more upfront to give our customers extras like our LiftSUP retractable handles, custom bamboo glass fins and our eco cork composite traction pad that we designed in collaboration with our friends over at Wave Tribe. Our adjustable performance fin boxes made by Pro Box Fin Systems is a game changer. It really allows a paddler to grow with their board as they advance and gives them options you can’t get with most boards on the market.  A lot of the positive feed back we get on our website and through personal emails are from customers appreciation on the thoughtfulness of details that goes into our product and the environment. It’s a lot more work not using generic components, but I think its worth it in the long run.
MD SUP:  They look amazing, any changes to the styles coming up?
Rich: Thanks! We are adding four new shapes and sizes coming into 2016. A 12.6 ft and 14 ft full carbon elite race models that took about 18 months of design, sampling and tweaks to get something that I liked. Also have a 12.6 ft touring model and 10.6 ft fitness model both in our T-flex bamboo sandwich construction.
MD SUP: What do you plan to do with your funding?
Rich: Any funding from our Kickstarter will help cover about 30% of our production cost for our board models, hemp board bags, carbon paddles and our eco cork SUP deck pads. We are ramping up to pull in a larger order with our new products and our funding goal from pre-sales will really help us reach minimum order quantities set by our production facility. Our backers in return get some sweet early bird deals on our apparel items and or SUP board packages while supporting a small business.
If you want to help a local MD business owner and board maker go to his kickstarter page and check it out!!kickstarter page

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