Local MD paddle board company Solace Sup had a few boards stolen out of their trailer at the Carolina Cup… While most people are good there are always shady people who are looking to take advantage of anything they can. HOPEFULLY this was not done by fellow paddlers at the Carolina Cup but let’s help Richie of Solace find these things and catch the SCUM that stole them. Solace is a unique looking board, there are no others that look like them so if we spread the word enough maybe they will show up. PLEASE KEEP an eye out for these showing up on craigslist, or random people looking to sell them. My guess is they will take them out of NC to sell granted thieves are usually idiots so they may and try and sell in NC.


From Solace

“Unfortunately we had our lock on our trailer cut and two boards and bags stolen sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Our trailer was parked by itself about 15 spots North of the Blockade Runner on the metered street parking. I filed a police report and sending over some pictures for them. It totaled to be around $3,000 worth of Product. Hurts a small business like us.

1 board was a 10’6 Fitness/Yoga board model. Has three color scheme of light gray/turquoise/dark  gray. Light bamboo deck and our solace cork deck pad.

2 board was an 8’6 x31” surf board model. Has four color scheme of cream/blue/green/brown that wraps all the way around the board. Has a four piece cork deck pad

1 10’6 solace hemp board bag with dark brown pocket with turquoise embroidered solace logo

1 10’6 solace hemp bag agian. This one had a green camo pocket print with a orange embroidered solace logo.

Here are some pictures 13015607_1064644626931281_4875942694599333101_n 13043387_1064644596931284_6735130700565736984_n 13094138_1064644573597953_6423516722037525531_n 13094398_1064644643597946_8191059812326742384_n 13100765_1064644640264613_9186514416184175278_n




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