Some good clinics coming to MD

We have taken a lot of clinics over the years and our thoughts are mixed on them. Some are a complete waste of time and money and some are worth it, there are a lot of factors that go into it thought. How many people are in the clinic, price, who the teacher is etc etc etc.

I will say one thing Larry Cain goes into a lot of detail and is worth the check out if you have been paddling for a while. If you are new to paddling or racing the Seychelle one is for you!! Check it out


Just announced – 2 clinic offerings!

Both clinics will be offered Friday, June 1st. Time 3:30pm – 5pm.

🐚 Larry Cain – 5 Fundamentals Clinic: 
This clinic is an introduction to the 5 fundamentals of effective paddling technique used by the best professional racers. What you’ll find is that everyone attempts to do the fundamentals of things in technique, but executes them in a highly personalized way that makes the most sense for their unique anthropocentric measurements (body type) and fitness strengths and weaknesses. Larry will explain each of the fundamentals – the what, why and how if each – and share drills with participants that will help them learn to execute each fundamental better and in the process improve their technique and ability to move their board effectively. He’ll take a look at each paddler and suggest which drills they should focus on in priority order moving forward.

🐚All Levels Clinic with Seychelle SUP : .
Improve stroke efficiency, work on speed and maneuvering your board. This includes footwork, steering and turns. We will also discuss racing and training techniques and paddling to increase fitness and endurance. I always like to leave tine in my clinics for Q & A – (nutrition, strength training, distance paddling, sprints, etc.) Come prepared to ask for what you want to learn so I can tailor the clinic according to you.”

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