Smart move.. Paddle 2nd Chance moved to Sunday

Race directors have tons of things to worry about and one of the few things they can’t control is the weather. NO RACE is worth somebody getting hurt so this is a smart move, even if it ends up not being that bad its always the smart move to play it safe.

From Paddle Second Chance director:

“Predicting God’s work is a tough business! Erring on the side of keeping people safe is much clearer. We are officially moving the race to Sunday June 25th . The Starboard – Paddle Second Chance Registration Happy Hour is still a go for tonight!
It’s less of the rain forecasted for tomorrow morning we are concerned about and more of the lighting and wind! Sunday the 25th certainly promises to be a safer and better day.
Same time (gates open at 8:00 AM for check in and same day registration),same place (Holts Landing State Park) and same fun (food ,drink, music and awards).

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.
Questions? Please call or write.

Walt Ellenberger
PSC 2017″

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