SAY WHAT??!?!?!?! BOW 5 is going to happen this weekend in OC!!!!

Here we go folks, the moment everyone has been waiting for, BOW 5 (Battle of the weathermen) is about to actually happen this weekend at Dawn’s Fagers Island Float fest!!

Baltimore weatherman Wyatt Everhart vs Ocean City’s weatherman Brian Keane!!! EAST VS WEST

These 2 are great friend and this is all in fun. They have been battling it out on the courses for a few years, Keane has had the upper hand and claimed victory on the first 4 races up until last year when he went down with a shoulder injury. Everhart has been patiently waiting for a chance to beat him and here is his 1st shot…

It is all going down in OC this Saturday at 9am, plan on being there to cheer on your favorite weatherman, make signs, shirts, flags whatever you can to cheer your local favorite on!!!



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