Race Numbers in 2016

Hey guys, we are sure a lot of you have noticed but some of the local race numbers have been down some this year.. We have gotten some feedback from a lot of you as to what you think the reasons for this are and here are a few we have heard.

  • To many races (people can’t commit to race every weekend with busy lives)
  • To expensive (If you do race every weekend it makes for a very expensive summer with most races being $50 or more plus gas, hotel, food etc)
  • To competitive (With the rise of the sport people are taking it way more serious then they used to so we have heard some people say the fun/social aspect of it is gone)
  • To much drama (Who is racing what race, who is doing what class, this person drafted illegally, this person should not have done short course, this person paddle on his knees for x amount of strokes and podium its not fair, etc etc etc)
  • The social Media aspect. (We heard from one local racers who said he does not have a chance to paddle during the week anymore due to his job, so when he races on a weekend he does not do that well as he did a few years ago. He said seeing it on social media with people bragging about beating him forced him to stop racing since he cant train anymore)

Not sure if any of these things are the actual reasons for the decline as a whole but just keep some of them in mind. Make all paddlers feel welcomed and no race is worth getting upset over, just paddle and have fun!!!


Md Sup

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