PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be safe out there

We hate to hear stories like this, if you are a paddler you can’t help but feel sick to your stomach when you read things like this.

PLEASE BE SAFE… Here is a list you should try and follow no matter how experienced you are


  • Know your limits (if it doesn’t feel right and you don’t think you can handle it then don’t go)
  • Wear a leash
  • Wear a PFD. Attaching a pfd to your board does you know good if you become separated from your board
  • Paddle with a friend or group
  • If you are paddling solo tell someone your plan and bring a cell phone in a water proof bag
  • Wear bright clothing so you are easily spotted if something does go bad
  • avoid channels and other heavy boat traffic areas (Drunk boaters = bad vision)

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