Paddle Second Chance and Goat Island Team up!!

First, we just want to say this is awesome!! Great idea on both sides, the race scene in 2018 saw a small decline in numbers locally for several different reasons but one in particular is people are just busy. They can’t travel to races every single weekend in the summer, if you can that is awesome!  We are jealous but for the majority that is just not possible. Whether it be family, kids, work, other sporting events etc. etc. it’s a big commitment not only time wise but financially to travel to all these races.


So, taking two great races that usually fell on back to back weekends and combine them together for one bigger race is brilliant. I know some of the diehard Maryland OG’s are upset that they are losing a race and the rough water paddle lovers do not want another flatwater race but give it a shot and I think everyone will be happy with the larger turnout. The calmer water at goat Island allows for way more beginners to race and makes it easier for the wounded veterans racing which is the main reason for this race after all.




Here is a word form Goat Island

SAVE THE DATE! JUNE 22, 2019. We are so STOKED about Return to Goat Island AND Paddle Second Chance -Combining Two Premier Paddle Events for One Amazing Cause on JUNE 22nd in Snow Hill, MD.

…and register early for ‘early board’ discounts! You can register via paddleguru
#gogogoat #returntogoatisland


Here is the link on Paddle Guru for registration



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