Paddle for Betterment was a good one



Paddle for Betterment was a huge success. Shendan and Kate Grove along with Carleen Birnes put on a great event. Ron and the Evolve crew were there with all kinds of boards and paddles, there were a ton of beer companies who had kegs set up at the after party. Stan and Joes had some killer food after the race, and the list goes on and on.

I think what really stood out was how happy everyone was. And it’s not to say that people are angry at other races ha but this was definitely a different kind of race. There was really no pressure on anyone, it was just a fun event where you could paddle as hard or as easy as you wanted to and it didn’t matter. Just people enjoying the water together.

At most races when the siren goes off everyone goes as hard as they can and they don’t stop, people are all serious and intense. And those races are great and a lot of fun also so we are not in any way saying they should stop ha-ha.  It’s just fun to throw in a race like this also as a changeup. At the start people were joking and messing around just having fun, some of the guys went really hard and had some fun with it, others just cruised around. There were tons of families and more kids then I have ever seen racing before.

Oh and the prizes were killer! Custom race fins from Larry Allison, Riviera paddles donated by Sup Annapolis. Evolve paddles and swag donated from Evolve and Walk on Water. Gear from East of Maui and MD Sup, and the most important thing: it was for a good cause.

Highly recommend putting this on your calendar for next year



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