Opt Outside/Blue Friday

Last year Candice Hill organized an Opt outside paddle at Sandy Point. This year Cap Sup took the lead and is having a Blue Friday at Sandy Point this Friday AM at 9:30. I believe Walk On Water has something planned in OC as well. Wherever you are unless you are at a local sup shop then you should get out and enjoy the water, or even just get outside!!! Much better idea then sitting in lines at the mall

Here are some shots from last years paddle

IMG_42451 12107734_543556019130534_1931221691004496846_n 12294859_1094907290520373_2709126213335335387_n 12295319_1094907583853677_4568790168000419076_n 12299118_1094907740520328_5031705020035872152_n 12308574_1094907640520338_6446003254310637979_n

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