One spot left for the April Zilg clinic tomorrow

This is one clinic you will want to do. Small class size and VIDEO ANALYSIS!!! We have done clinics from some of the best paddlers in the world (Danny Ching, Larry Cain, Jamie Mitchel etc etc) over the years but we will be honest with you, in our humble opinion if they do not do a video analysis you are better off keeping your money. They can explain what you are doing wrong and how you can correct it or give you things to work on but if you can’t see what you are doing wrong then its pretty hard to process. The video allows them to break down your stroke with you one on one vs just yelling out some tips while they are next to you on the water. April is one of the top female paddlers in the world, this is a great opportunity. Give Sunrise Sup or Mantra Fit a call if you want in



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