Nick Bollinger’s impressive comeback to take on 31miles!!

Everyone who has ever done the Chattajack 31 has nothing but amazing things to say about it, this needs to be a bucket list race for everyone.

We feel a Big congrats is needed to MD paddler Nick Bollinger for coming back from a pretty brutal surfing accident.  The accident was early in the racing season in which he broke 4 ribs and had a collapsed  lung which had a half gallon of blood removed from it. Most people would have been done for the the whole season or more but not Nick, he fought back and not only did he just race 31miles he did it and finished in 18th place. Really impressive Nick, way to come back strong!!

Nick is not only a fast paddler but he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Here is what he had to say on the night before he took on the 31 miles.


“2015 has been an amazing whirlwind of emotions. On February 23rd, 2015, I lost my mom after her courageous battle with cancer. June 28th I broke 4 ribs and collapsed my lung. 2 weeks after, I had a half gallon of blood removed from my lung. On August 27th, I celebrated my one year since my engagement with the love of my life and most supportive fiancé Morgan and one year until we are married on August 27th, 2016. Two weeks ago, I accepted a position to be the lead speech therapist at Beebe Healthcare to lead an awesome team of speech therapists.

On this eve of ‪#‎chattajack‬, I reflect on the amazing friends, family, and accomplishments this year has brought. I’m extremely humbled to complete this race against what the doctors told me not to do. This race is for my mom, for the beautiful woman she was and still is. For all the lessons you taught me, the guidance you gave me, the knowledge you instilled in me, and for teaching me to love and respect water.

Tomorrow, myself and 300 other idiots will paddle 32 miles not just to race, but to accomplish goals and experience the beauty of what this life is. To all you paddlers, dig deep, stroke for stroke. For every person that wishes they could have done this. For all the sick, suffering, and unfortunate. For every person over seas fighting for our freedom. Let’s do this!”

cj cj2 cj3nbPhoto from Jeff Slade

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