Maryland 2016 Racer rankings!!!

The race season is almost here…. who else is ready for warm weather, warm water, flip flops, and bathing suits? I know we are, this season is going to be a good one. Lots of new races and the same great ones as always here in Maryland.

Will be interesting to see how all the local guys stack up this year, over the years there have been a lot of great match-ups.  Brian Meyer, Goose, and Ron Gossard seem to always be the top 3 battling it out at the local level, can anyone else give them a run? Schmidt, Cook, Chip, Matt Jones?

Then right after them there are a bunch of paddlers who are all very close! With Neil, Shark, Emerson, Sperry, Shendan, Jason Phipps, Big Erik, Wyatt, and Larry all battling it out every week last season, there will be some great match-ups to look out for this season on the men’s side.

Then on the ladies side you have Dawn, Corrine, and Kathy Summers who have been the top 3 in the area for a long time. They will all be close as usual but can anyone give them a surprise run for their money?

All fun things to keep an eye on this upcoming race season. However since these speedsters are usually at the top of podiums every week a few of you have emailed us asking to do a point system or ranking system. We listened, we are going to implement a top 25 ranking system for Men and Women. This will give you some motivation and something to look forward to


Top 25 Men and top 25 for Women (if there is enough racers).

We are going to keep this very simple to avoid confusion with points etc.  The races that will count for the rankings are Maryland based races starting with Dawn’s Ocean City Race in June.

After Dawns race we will have the first rankings set (Long course racers only). After that it’s pretty old school, if you want to move up the list you just have to beat the guy ahead of you at the selected races. People have busy lives with work, families, and personal stuff so we do not want to penalize people who can’t make every race like a point system does. If you miss a race and the people behind you beat people ahead of you then your ranking can fall but that is the only way.

For example: Tim is ranked 3rd, John is ranked 4th, and Ryan 5th. If Ryan beats John then he moves up to 4th. If John misses a race and Ryan beats Tim at that race then Ryan would move up to 3rd, Tim would go to 4th and John would go to 5th.  So John would then have to come to the next race to try and get his spot back. If John missed the race and Ryan finished right behind Tim then there would be no change in the rankings.

This is just something simple that a lot of you have asked us to do. It will give you some motivation to come out to races and beat the person ahead of you.

It’s also a fun way to add a little competition to the local races, especially for those of us who do not podium each week. All while supporting great local events right here in Maryland.

Races that will count towards rankings will be these 8 local MD races.

  • June 5-Surf Swap, Ocean City, MD
  • June 18-19- Return to Goat Island
  • July 9-East of Maui/Eastport YC Chesapeake Stand Up Paddle Challenge
  • July 16th- East Coast SUP CUP(SUP)
  • July 30- SUP Annapolis-Kent Island Yacht Club
  • August 20- Battle on the Bay, Ocean City, MD
  • Sept- Paddle for Betterment
  • Sept- Sandy Point Paddle Fest


Good luck, train hard and even more important HAVE FUN!!

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