Live Like Cody

Yesterday was a hard hard day!

A bad day started early with word from Brian Meyer at Cap Sup about the passing of local paddler Cody Irons. I was speechless and in shock, and like all paddlers when we hear of a paddlers going down I felt sick. This one hit even harder as it was a paddler we knew from MD.

As I sat there I had all sorts of thoughts going through my head but the main one was WHY. Why did this happen to such a good kid? Why did he not have a chest pfd on? Why did he go out in those conditions? Why? Why? Why?

I did not know Cody well but I had met him at a few races and was truly inspired by him as I think pretty much everyone who met him was. The more I thought about it and the more I read about it I came to understand that this is what he loved. And that is why he went.  He did not let losing his arms stop him from paddling. He then progressed to racing and you could see it in his face he absolutely loved it. So I can understand why now, he was doing what he loved and was doing it to the fullest. He was not going to let somebody tell him no, he was going to go no matter what.

I pray that Codys family and son find peace knowing how loved Cody was and knowing how he inspired thousands of people everyday to never give up and to keep moving forward.

Capital Sup will be holding a memorial paddle this weekend for Cody along with a fundraiser for his son. Will post more details once we know


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