Lianne Ritter 2018 CANCELED.. The winners of the MD SUP Point Series ARE

The last stop on the MD Sup Point series has been canceled due to weather tomorrow. They have a strict rule on water and air temps, and we totally understand as safety of the paddlers is the most important thing!!

With that being said the MD Sup Point series sponsored by Walk On Water/Evolve paddle boards has come to an end. The standings will stay as is, big congrats to the winners!!!



1st- Mary Howser ( Evolve fixed Paddle)

2nd- Sarah Nelson (Adjustable Paddle)

3rd- Teresa Plitt  (MD Sup Swag package)


Top 3 Men:

1st- Bryan Barton (Evolve Fixed Paddle)

2nd- Joe Ward (Adjustable Paddle)

3rd – Jason Phipps (MD Sup Swag package)


We will be getting your contact info shortly to set up a time to get your prizes!! Big shout out to Walk On Water for supplying the 1st place paddles!!!  Congrats to all the racers and we hope you enjoyed the series. Can’t wait till next year!!


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If you are bummed about not getting to race this weekend you can go check out Cap Sup’s race series on Sunday in Annapolis to get your workout in!!




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