If you see lightning!! GET OFF THE WATER

This is nothing to play around with!! As we get into summer storm season please remember to not mess around with lightning. If they are calling for storms stay close to shore and do laps so you can get off the water if it pops up.

I was cleaning my grandparents pier the other day and it was a beautiful day out. I was power washing so the noise was pretty loud, I could see some darker clouds in the distance but assumed I had a lot of time as they were far off. Next thing I know you could hear loud humming and see the rain on the water in the distance, in a matter of minutes it was pouring and the wind was howling. It can happen quicker then you think on the water, if you are far from your launch spot then just get off the water and call somebody to come pick you up (Why you should always keep a cell phone with you).  And if you see lightning don’t get back on the water too soon.


See more info on lightning strikes and paddling here http://www.sdkc.org/safety/lightning-strikes-and-paddling/


Photo:FrancisSchaefers and Daniel Burger

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