Hermine!! Downwinders…

Hermine has everyone thinking downwinders already!! Wyatt Everhart, Baltimore’s best weatherman is following it closely, we will give his updates each day as Hermine gets closer!!

Just remember if you do venture out for a downwinder to be SAFE!! Every year no matter how much safety is preached we hear stories that do not end well for paddlers. Even if you are a seasoned vet and feel confident on downwinders never underestimate mother nature, anything can happen. Remember last year a paddler on the Severn River in Annapolis doing a downwinder had to be rescued by DNR, he was by himself. Thankfully somebody on land saw him in trouble and called for help, you can see that HERE

List of safety tips:

  1. Wear a leash- The first and probably the most important of them all, your board is your biggest life saver. You do not want to lose it
  2. Wear a PFD- the belt pfd’s are great for regular paddling but on a real high wind downwinder its not a bad idea to wear chest pfd. If you fall and hit your head on your board and get knocked out your belt pfd will not do you any good as you have to be able to pull the tab for it to work.
  3. GO WITH A GROUP. Please do not go solo and please keep an eye out for each other. If one person is 2 miles ahead of their paddling partner it wont do them any good if something happens
  4. Tell people your projected route (starting point, end point, and what time your launching). This way if they do not hear from you or see from you they can alert authorities.
  5. TRUST YOURSELF. If you think its to windy and you may not be able to handle it then you probably shouldn’t launch. Don’t let other people tell you that you will be fine, you know yourself better then anyone.

Now go have some FUN



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