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Jessi Benson posted this up and we felt it was worth a share

“@culturallyfit – #RuleYourself
I don’t race to compete with other people. I race to compete with myself. Although I spend a lot of time on the water, I don’t spend a lot of time race training. Every time I get on a board it’s a mental game. How far can I push myself? Will I let the negative thoughts take over the positive thoughts? It’s about proving to myself that I can and will do any thing I put my mind to. Yesterday I did two 3 mile loops for the 6 mile elite course. After loop one I was done…my thoughts stared going down hill fast. I started telling myself that it was stupid to do the long course, that 3 miles would have plenty. But after about mile 4 I flipped the switch and stared thinking about how gorgeous it was on the water. Noticing how peaceful the rain drops looked on the water and appreciating how strong and capable my body is. Those thoughts carried me to the finish line. Proving to myself that #iwill rule MYself!

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