Good Luck to all the racers tomorrow!!

Shendan Grove and his team have done an amazing job for the 1st ever Bay Bridge race!! There are 400 paddlers signed up, that is crazy (the Carolina cup had a little over 550 paddlers just to give you an idea how big that is). We have heard from a lot of people who are nervous, please don’t be nervous. The course is going to be awesome and the amount of safety boats on the water will be more then any race I have ever scene, the Maryland Coast Guard  really stepped up.

Just relax and enjoy the moment. For some it may be about winning or losing but for the majority its all about having a fun and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, you will do great!!!


GOOD LUCK! The MD Sup film crew will be out so keep a smile on your face 🙂

We will be providing live updates and videos from our Instagram page

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