Maryland- In our opinion there is no better state in the country to paddle then MD. Within only a couple hours drive you can paddle from the lakes in the western MD mountains to the Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. What could be better?? Here is a list of some of our favorite spots. We will continue to add locations.


Anne Arundel County

Annapolis: Arguably the biggest SUP scene in Maryland (especially when it comes to racing). Enjoy the picturesque scenery of the bay and rivers which are some of the best in the state. You can paddle along the Naval Academy or in the famous” ego alley” or countless other rivers and creeks off the bay. It has many open-water and protected-water boat launches.

Amos Garret Park (Free)- at the end of Amos Garrett Boulevard, Annapolis, MD and Spaview Ave.
Great spot that is protected-water on Spa Creek. Relatively low boat traffic near the launch site, but as you paddle out under the Eastport bridge boat traffic increases. The launch site is a little suspect as you have to be careful of rocks and small stakes sticking out of the water but otherwise it’s fine. Great spot for beginners or tourist looking to paddle downtown.

Jonas Green park (Free)- 1997 Baltimore Annapolis blvd, Annapolis, MD 21409
This is a great spot on the weekdays when the wind is down. Wide open on the Severn River, about a mile paddle to downtown “ego alley”, and close to the navy rock wall. Very pretty spot, but can get rough when the wind is kicking. Also on weekends it’s better to stay away as boat traffic can make this place seem like a washing machine pretty quickly. Beginners should avoid when it’s windy or on weekends.

Chesapeake Avenue beach ( Eastport) (Free)- End of Chesapeake Ave and Horn Point Dr.
Another cool spot if you’re looking to paddle in the Bay. Great views of the Bay Bridge and the mouth of the Severn River. Not a far paddle from Back Creek or downtown Annapolis. When the wind is kicking, it can be tricky; and on weekends when the boats are out, beginners should avoid this location or go early in the morning.

Truxton Park($2 per person)- 251 Pump house road Annapolis, MD 21403
Right across the creek from Amos Garret Park and protected from the wind. Very launch friendly with a sand beach and pier. Short paddle to downtown and “ego alley”, boat traffic can be busy on weekends. Great spot for beginners or tourist looking to paddle downtown. Only downside is you have to pay an entrance fee.

Sandy Point state park ($2 per person)- 1100 E College Pkwy Annapolis, MD
Weekdays when you’re looking to paddle in the Bay or around the Bay Bridge are really the only time you should go here. On weekends it is so crowded its crazy, boat traffic and rough waters are a given on the weekends unless you go early. Very pretty spot if you want to enjoy some Bay paddling. Only downside is you have to pay and its always crowded on weekends.

Beachwood Park (Free8320 Beachwood Park Road Pasadena, MD 21122                                                                                                                                                                                                                        One of the few Free spots near the Severna Park/Pasadena/GB/ Millersville. The place was just re-done and the walk down to the water is much easier now. Never an issue parking and you launch on a creek off the Magothy River. You can stay protected in the creeks or venture out to the open Magothy River. Good spot just be careful walking to the boat launch even with the new walkway it is still best to be cautious. 


Ocean City

Up there with Annapolis as far as the race scene goes. It’s also the only place to go in MD if you want to surf.  You can enjoy the ocean and waves or you can stick to the bay and still see all kinds of wildlife and great scenery. Obviously, if you’re surfing you can launch from any street when the lifeguards are gone but here are a few of our favorite spots.

Stinky Beach (aka – Homer Gudelsky Park): this place is great to launch from if you want to paddle the ever-challenging Ocean City Inlet. This is best left to advanced paddlers due to the amount of boat traffic and unforgiving currents that rip through the area. The parking is free but sparse. A port-o-potty is on site and make sure not to block it on maintenance days (the schedule is posted nearby) because we all want to make sure a public restroom is well maintained.

Assategaue Island State Park: Why pay $15.00 to go to the Federal side when you can access anything you want from the State Park. Turn left before going over the Verazano Bridge and you can access the bay area and enjoy a calmer paddle through the wetlands. If you need to hit the ocean for some waves keep going straight to the State Park and venture up and down the coast. It is just over 5 miles to turn north and head toward the Ocean City Inlet.



Western Maryland 

Incredible mountain scenery on crisp clean lakes. If you’re looking to just get away and paddle someplace different this is the place to go. If you live in Maryland and have never paddled here put it on your list. The water is nice and clear and you can see fish swim underneath you. You may also see deer and bears walking around the water’s edge in some of the more secluded sections

Deep Creek Lake: A HUGE manmade lake in Garret County close to the West Virginia border in the mountains. There is 65 miles of shoreline to explore on your sup so stay for a while!!

Launch Sites:

Deep Creek State Park ($2 person)- 898 State Park Road Swanton, MD 21561
Awesome spot to paddle with a nice sandy beach. During the weekday you won’t have any issues but during the weekend it can get choppy from boat traffic. Even if it is, you can paddle out to the left into a secluded cove and if its early or a weekday usually the lake is glassy flat. Great spot for beginners and if you’re going on a weekend go early before all the boats come out.

Marinas (free/few $)- It’s not listed but most of the marinas will let you launch from their sites if you just go in and ask. Bill’s marina and Deep Creek Marina are the main ones. You can also park near high mountain sports and walk across Rt 219 to launch.

Rock Gap: This is another incredibly beautiful lake right off Rt 68. It’s a little closer ride then Deep Creek but just a little smaller. The cool thing about this lake is gas powered boats aren’t allowed on the lake so it’s extremely clean and always pretty calm. Great views, crystal clear water, and a great spot for beginners.

Launch sites:

Rocky Gap State Park Beach ($5person)- 12500 Pleasant Valley Rd, Flintstone, MD
With no boats to worry about you can pretty much go at any time. All you have to worry about is the occasional fisher with an electric motor but other than that you’re good to go. Enjoy the scenery.


Baltimore City/Baltimore County

A lot of people are afraid of paddling in Baltimore City. You hear the “Better not fall in” line a lot. While it is somewhat true that you probably do not want to fall in down by the inner harbor it’s not as bad as people think. Just hose your board off and your feet off with fresh water after your paddle and you should be fine. You will be rewarded with a view from the city that you can’t get any other way. Baltimore county also has some really nice places to launch from if you do not want to venture into the city. Here are some of our favorites.

Canton Water Park at The Korean War Memorial- 2903 Boston St. Canton
Boat ramp access. Free. 2 mile paddle to the Inner Harbor passing historic Fells Point on the way. Round the paddle out crossing over to Federal Hill, Locust Point, and Fort McHenry. A complete paddle checking out the above is around 5 miles. For the more experienced paddler. Lots of boat traffic so use caution.

Wilson Point Park- 950 Beach drive. middle river.
Free. Great local park on the water. Park is always clean and there is easy water access via boat ramp or small beach. Excellent spot for beginners to practice. More experienced paddlers can paddle out towards the Bay . Carsons Creek Restaurant is located next store with waterfront seating. Good food and drinks for an affordable price to unwind after a paddle.

Dundee Creek Marina- 7400 Grace Quarters Rd. Chase, MD.
Free to launch. Marina store. Area features a small beach to access the water. Paddle in the protected coves and look for the local wildlife. Deer, many bird species, and other water mammals native to the area. Great fishing spot for SUPs to catch bass, perch, etc. Water is usually calm but can be weedy by mid-summer. A weedless fin is recommended during late summer months.

Gunpowder Falls State Park/Hammerman area- 7400 graces quarters Rd. Chase, MD
There is a Fee to enter the day use park. Features SUP beach access, concessions, and a swimming beach. Little bit of a walk if you have a heavy board but otherwise great spot.




“Eastern Shore”

There are so many great places to paddle on the shore, to many to list right away. Here are a few of our favorites, but we will be adding more. Give us a little time the site is still new. 

Vienna, MD:

Vienna Public Boat Ramp: The town of Vienna lies just west of the Nanticoke River on the south side of Route 50. The exits are clearly marked and when you get off you just keep driving east until you hit the water and you will find the public launch. The Nanticoke River offers wide expanses of water between marshes and lots of bird watching. Eagles and hawks are guaranteed to be seen on your trip. Head north to go under the bridge and you just might cross the Delaware line but if you head south you will hit the Chesapeake Bay. Southern routes going downriver will wind you through public and private hunting areas so make sure you know when the seasons are! Be careful if you venture of the main body of water because you can get confused in winding waterways that all look alike and take a strict adherence to detail in order to have safe navigation in and out. Mosquitoes can be an issue in the warmer months and these mosquitoes do not play around. They look like they were bred with yellow jackets! If you want a workout and head out well prepared you cannot go wrong with a paddle on the Nanticoke River.

Oxford, MD:

Oxford is the crown jewel of the Eastern Shore if you want beauty and peace. There are so many beautiful waterfront homes to see from the Tred Avon River that it is easy to get lost and wander further than you expected! The best launch spot is from the beach at the northern end of town called Strand Beach. There is plenty of parking and a bathroom makes for a very convenient point of embarkation. Highlights if you head east toward Town Creek are the Oxford Cemetery, a burger and a beer at Schooners landing followed by awesome ice cream at the Highland Creamery attached to the restaurant. Head west off the beach and you have the Oxford Bellevue Ferry, the Oxford Park, and Campbell’s Bachelor Point Marina.

A really fun and challenging paddle is a 12.5 mile round trip paddle from Oxford to Easton along the Tred Avon River with Easton Point Marina as your destination. The sights along this paddle are mesmerizing. Check for eagles and ospreys as well as the rare otter when you are out and about.
Make sure you take care and set a strict course because it is easy to get lost in all the beauty surrounding the area.

Easton, MD:

Easton Point Marina, at the end of Port Street is your destination of choice. There is plenty of parking but get there real early on weekends because the weekend crabbers and their boat trailers do take up a lot of space. You can put in right off the bulkhead rather safely because at high tide there isn’t much of a drop off. Head straight out and you will see plenty of million dollar homes on the bluffs to your right. About 3 miles out you find yourself at the mouth of Peachblossom Creek and you can see the house that was Christopher Walken’s in the movie “Wedding Crashers.” Hearty adventurers can continue on to Oxford while others may just want to explore the nearby creeks. The area is pretty self-explanatory and the landscape makes navigation easy.


ST. MICHAELS – TILGHMAN ISLAND, MD and areas between

St. Michaels has plenty of protected waters and lots of shopping and eateries for the non-paddlers with you. St. Michaels is a great destination for paddlers and their families because the town offers plenty of options for the others while the paddlers hit the waters. There is plenty to see throughout the warm weather months and on weekends you may even get to see a log canoe regatta, which looks awesome from a SUP. Foxy’s Bar and Grill is a must for an after-paddle refreshment.

The further south you head the closer you get to broad water so make sure you have your eye on the weather and conditions. Getting caught on the Chesapeake Bay in rough weather and in an unfavorable tide can make for a unfavorable paddle.