EOM race was a big hit

The East of Maui Race was a big hit this past weekend even with some BRUTAL conditions. It was hot and choppy, we were told people were purposely jumping in during the race just cool off ha-ha. So it’s safe to say the Challenge lived up to it’s name. Great job Mark and Mark as always, your race has become one of the MUST DO races in MD!!

Here are the long course results

Men’s 14

Joe Ward

Brian Schmid

Fieldin Pagel


Ladies 12’6

Kathy Summers

Corrine Banks

Mary Howser

See full results HERE


Also please remember these races are suppose to be fun and help build our race community!! We heard a few stories from people calling other racers out after the race in person and on social media. Let’s remember this is paddle boarding, its not life or death stuff. No need for that, its not a good look for the Maryland Sup Community. I think this is just an isolated incident between a few people but some people asked us to share it and remind everyone to JUST HAVE FUN!!!


Here are some pictures from Dan Phelps of Spinsheet  https://spinsheet.smugmug.com/SpinSheet/2016-Events/2016-East-of-Maui-Paddlerace/


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