Eastern Watersports needs your help

Eastern Water Sports needs your help!! They were working on getting a 6mph zone near their launch spot to keep paddlers safe, check out their facebook post for details. Below is their statement

“Today we have public testimony for a proposed 6 knot speed limit over a 1500 foot span of Frog Mortar Creek along Parkside Marina given the narrowed channel. This would provide safety measures for kayakers, paddle boarders and slip holders at the marina.

Unfortunately Chris Parlin and the remainder of the The Maryland Boat Act Advisory Committee thought this reduced speed zone and the additional 2.3 minutes that would be added to a boats journey wasn’t justified. They said we would be taking the waters away from boaters, like a modern day Moses. It’s disappointing to learn that this committee could care less about paddlers’ safety and would rather us come to them with real reports of injuries and lost lives prior to making a change.

I was shocked to find out the committee wanted people to actually be injured or killed first prior to actually changing the speed zone.

They did make one thing clear. The waters of Maryland are only for powered boaters and not for non motorized watersports.

If you care about paddlers safety feel free to voice your concerns directly:

Boat Act Advisory Committee (BAAC)
Mike Grant
Boating Regulations Coordinator
Fisheries and Boating Services
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Tawes State Office Building, E-4
580 Taylor Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401
410-260-8453 FX

You can also message Chris Parlin directly on Facebook.”

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