East Of Maui Race recap

What a day on the bay!!!

Over 100 paddlers showed up in Eastport to take on the “Challenge” on Saturday. This race in a short period of time has gained the reputation as being one of, if not the hardest race course in MD. Just looking at it from land you may say it doesn’t look that hard, it looks nice and flat BUT don’t let that fool you ha-ha. When you get out about a half a mile it starts to hit you, it’s what we call the washing-machine effect.

The race is at the mouth of the Severn River so you have A LOT of boat traffic putting off wakes which are then bouncing off all the walls on the shoreline creating havoc. Then throw in wind usually coming from the side (never straight against or with always from the side), commercial crabbers angry that you are in their way (at one point during the race I honestly thought Shendan Grove was close enough to a crab boat to jump off and help them unload some pots), plus 100 + racers putting off waves and bumping at the start. It makes for a lot of fun

By the end of the 7 miles your toast, at mile 6 I said to myself I am never racing again after this as my lungs were burning and I wanted to vomit. Then after I finished and had a beer and some food I was pumped and can’t wait till next years race.  Thinking back at all the people falling and hearing all the splashing followed by expletives you can’t help but laugh.

After the race EOM did it up right with a live band, great food, and a cool venue to hang out and recap the race with all your friends. Great job Mark and Mark and all the volunteers, seriously fun time!!

On the long course Brian Schmidt (Annapolis) took 1st with Jeff Cook (Edgewater) taking 2nd and Joe Ward (NJ) taking 3rd. On the ladies side Lisa Long (OC) took 1st, Vicky Lowe (?) took 2nd, and Lianne Dunbar (southern MD) took 3rd.

See full results here https://paddleguru.com/races/EastofMauiEastportYCChesapeakeStandUpChallenge2015

Anyone who completed this course deserves a round of applause. Great job

More pics and videos to come, here are some from spinsheet http://www.spinsheet.com/eyc-and-east-of-maui-stand-up-challenge-photos/



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