Distance training programs

There are a few long races this year in MD. One is the Bay Bridge paddle that is 9 miles and then of course the Goat Island Race that you can do as either a 17 Mile solo race or split it up between a 2 person team. Either way they are long paddles and it is always good to have a program for those types of races, they really can make a difference when it comes to racing. Also having a group pushing you is always a plus

If you are in OC Walk On Water has a program that is geared towards the Goat Island race  http://www.walkonwatersupco.com/

“The training program will consist of a basic paddle program pushing paddlers on a combination of mileage and sprints.

The functional cross-training program will be land based exercises provided on here. They will consist of exercises that will increase your paddling endurance, technique, and strength. Plus, just get you into really good shape. Because who doesn’t want that, right?”

If you are on the Western Shore Sunrise Sup, Mantra Fit, and Capital Sup all have race training programs for both the bay bridge and the goat island race. Cap Sup also has one geared for the Chattajack 31 miler. Check them out and see which one is a good fit for you




All are great options, if you are not into the group thing or can’t commit to certain nights each week you can always check out Paddle Monster for customized training paddles that you can do on your own with a personal coach online. https://paddlemonster.com/


Have fun!!


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