Cold stroke pictures

Big shout out to the MD crew for crushing it down in NC. Big shout out to Malissa for taking 1st in the ladies 14′ class and Fielding pagel for taking 3rd. Bryan B and Neil took top 10’s and Wyatt Everhart for taking top 5 in the short course.

Also big shout out to Brian Meyer for taking first at the relay from the Pain Killer Cup!
Great job all around

Pictures = Wyatt Everhart

16114707_1319903041406161_1576949267953516502_n 16142398_1319902871406178_9041691369522008992_n 16142767_1319902978072834_1711386422342181972_n 16194952_1319902944739504_4927847087521689879_n 16194964_1319902844739514_555621296119552100_n 16195127_1319902861406179_8425615063125591233_n 16195720_1319903044739494_8517311138868846825_n 16265222_1319902834739515_6567469907847365613_n 16265490_1319903071406158_40194134738738160_n 16265675_1319903048072827_6123892184918694440_n 16265739_1319902971406168_7628331045462869663_n 16298880_1319902948072837_5784532053347399073_n

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