Check it out!!! Sounds like a blast

Eastern Watersports in Baltimore


“We’ve got some exciting news!!!

Starting May 16th at 6pm we will begin our Paddle Board Hockey. You will compete on a team of 3 or 4 playing against another team attempting to get the ball into their goal, using only your paddle and skill on the board. We will provide all the equipment. $10 per night.

Starting May 17th at 6pm we will begin our race league. If you’re training for paddle board or kayak races, we will setup a course of predetermined length and provide a large timing clock. Try to beat your own pace, talk with others about technique, or join one of our instructors to help build your skills. At the end of each league session we will host a race. $80 for the 8 week session. Or $12 drop in.

Contact us now for more information or to sign up. We are looking forward to a fun season on the water at Long Beach Marina. Check them out for major renovations, making them the premier marina around.”

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