I know money does not grow on tree’s and some people just can’t afford higher end boards. This makes the cheap boards on the market a dilemma. Some people argue that the $199 and $200 boards at sam’s club, walmart, dicks, costco etc etc get more people into the sport that otherwise could not afford it. In that aspect it is good, however a lot of these cheap boards will not even last one season with any kind of use. If you buy one and paddle once a month then that is one thing but if you paddle a lot they just won’t hold up. Does it make sense to spend $200 or $300 on a board each season or spend $900-$1200 on a quality board that will last you for years and years? I think it all depends on “Hours”, how many hours do you think you will use it in the summer, if your answer is under 10 for the whole summer then you may be able to get away with a cheaper board. Just be CAREFUL with it and don’t bump it into anything cause it will break.

If you are on the fence just keep saving up and look for a quality used board instead of one of these. You will be happy in the end, also check the local shops for their end of season rental/lesson boards. If you can afford it go to your local shop and get a solid high quality board

Regardless which way you go the main thing is to HAVE FUN 🙂

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