Bay Bridge Race

Hope everyone is getting ready for the 1st Bay Bridge race this May!! Should be a lot of fun and if you have not signed up yet I would highly recommend doing so quickly (for the long course anyway). The race Promoter only has a permit with the coast guard to allow 100 paddlers race in that division.

This will be a a fun race but PLEASE do not underestimate how challenging this race can be ha-ha. If it looks like this then it should not be a problem


However this is not only the case and the middle of the bay by the bridges can get nasty in a hurry. STRONG currents ripping through the pilings and when the wind is blowing it makes the water around the bridge turn into a washing  machine. Just be prepared for anything and expect the worst and just be happy if it is calm ha-ha


Dawn and Neil got out this week and did a test run. Their 1st response when asked how it went was “Challenging”! And that was a calm day


Good luck to all the racers… The promoter “ABC” puts on events for a living so this race should be a good one!!

13055915_10153643593242689_5633243605717959225_o 13151750_10154134909936197_8715561889058588377_n


Here are the course maps

13087289_1546244505676524_5414020380907785756_n 13123237_1546244502343191_1222351592192844841_o 13165913_1546244495676525_7278827619719901541_n





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