Bay Bridge paddle is only 94 days away!!

It will be here before you know it. Keep your land workouts going and get on the water when you can. One word of advice if you plan on doing this race is to sign up early!! Its the most expensive race in Maryland and up there price wise with the Carolina Cup. The longer you wait the more it goes up. The next big increase comes Feb 14th so if your are certain you are going to do it just sign up now and save a few bucks.

This race was perfect conditions last year, almost rare so be ready for anything this year! No matter what it will be a blast though


Here is the link to sign up and some pictures from last year.

IMG_20160516_161413 13238912_1101766229886511_1186720388701855570_n 13232907_1100402876689513_4192863685124064280_n


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