A positive story in a negative world right now

Everywhere you turn on the TV or news there is negativity, hate, sad news etc etc. So we figured we would change that with a positive sup story we came across right here in MD, 3 paddlers battling it out for 13.1 miles in some crazy heat then they do someting RAD at the end of the race..

Candice Hill posted this up on Instagram, thanks for sharing Candice and well done Ladies!!


From Candice

“This right here is my favorite photo from Wye Island Regatta: Alicia Shea, Mary Howser, and Michaela Carpenter smiling over the finish line of a tough 13.1 mile race and insisting to the finish boat that their times be recorded as exactly the same, because they tackled the course as a pack.  This is why I love SUP and why I love athletics: we push each other, we lift each other up, and, at the finish line, it’s just as much about the love of the game as it is about who won.  Ladies, I’m proud to know you and love your spirit and your drive.”




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