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Really cool story!! Way to go Josh Collins

From Josh’s facebook page

“Thank you to two people first. And there are so many more.

KEITH DAVID and the Task Force Dagger Foundatuon.

Tonia Collins – you are amazing!

Total Days 140

Miles driven – 10,435 (Tonia)

Paddle days – 94

28 Miles/day average over 94 Paddle/Days

2,629 Total Miles (Garmin)

1,773,529 Paddle Strokes (Speed Coach)

674 paddle strokes/mile

Longest days
10 days < 10 miles
16 days > 10 miles
23 days > 20 miles
35 days > 30 miles
5 days > 40 miles
3 days > 50 miles
1 day > 60 miles
1 day > 70 miles

The Toughest Stretch – VA Beach to DC which was 201 miles in 4 days (38,38,55,70), and upstream against the Cheseapeake and then the Potomac.

IRONICALLY, this can be the toughest stretch for any Veteran, and that is in getting the help and care they need out of DC, the government. Insteda, it is our citizens who take the greatest care for their soldiers and Veterans, and its always been that way.

For me this now only the beginning.

Like the strawman, I went in search of a brain, and I found so much more.

I learned a lot about myself, but I learned more about this great country we live in and the amazing people I encountered along the way.

I learned that the real solutions to our Veteran suicide problem don’t reside in a Doctors office, a psychologist’s chair, or prescription. The answer resides in all of us. We hold the key.

It takes just couple things. For the Veteran that is a sense of mission and purpose like they had while serving. Something bigger than themselves. For all of us, it takes a sense of appreciation and heartfelt caring for our Veterans, and for their sacrifices.

In my darkest hour, an organization like the Task Force Dagger Foundation was there to help me find the way. They also provided a path for the state of the art and groundbreaking brain treatment modalities that have changes my life so greatly.

It is great organizations like this that continually win the day for our Veterans. It is my goal that every Special Operations Vet in need of assistance can get the same care as I did.

I have a lot of people to thank for this mission being possible, and will do so over the next several days, but its most important stay focused on this mission which is ongoing. It is bigger than all of us.

Operation Phoenix raised over $183,000, and that will treat roughly 75 Operators in state of the art brain treatment therapies, and depending on their needs. We have such a long way to go. And just like the motto which branded Operation Phoenix, Noli Desiste, which means, “Never Quit”. We will never quit in this fight for the lives and care of our military band of brothers.”

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