First local race of the year this Sunday in OC!!

BE THERE!!! Dawn always put's on a great event. We will have a little write up about this race coming up this week.  Sign up here Check the calendar on the webpage for more local races coming up.
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Some MD boys in Richmond

Neil MaCindoe, Wyatt Everhart,, and Chris Rababy made the trip down to Richmond last weekend for the riverrocks race!! Looks like a great...
Memorial Day Remember

Happy Memorial Day

Hope everyone got some water time this weekend!! Remember why you are able to do that though and the real meaning of memorial day!!
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What a day!

This is going to be an awesome weekend on the water!! Hope everyone can get out at some point and enjoy it wherever you are. Stay safe and remember the real reason for this...
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Blue Angles are in Annapolis

There is no better way to watch the blue angles in Annapolis then on a paddle board!! You also have to be very careful If you plan to go try and paddle out from a creek with a 6mph boat zone. There are HUNDREDS of boats lined up to watch the show and when the show is over they all fly out at full speed and a lot of them have been boozing all day. If you stay in the creeks you get some great views with less risk of getting run over. Here is a list of some spots you can launch from Amos...
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Keybridge sup style

Wyatt Everhart getting some training in right outside of Baltimore by the key bridge.. pretty cool way to see the city and sights of Baltimore
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