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March is HERE!!

And we still have ice ugggg.. Trying to stay positive here but its hard when everywhere you look everything is ice covered.. The good news is the forecast looks like it will be mid to upper 40's by the weekend, can anyone say HEAT WAVE!! This was the Baltimore Harbor on...
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Will it ever end???

These pictures have been floating around the internet from up North... Crazy cold when the ocean starts icing up. Check them out here  http://boston.cbslocal.com/2015/02/26/nearly-frozen-waves-captured-on-camera-by-nantucket-photographer/
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Movie day in the snow

Thanks to everyone who came out for the first MD Sup movie day in Annapolis. We had 50 plus people rsvp but we were greeted with a snow sleet mix that almost canceled the whole thing. Now while a lot of our friends from farther away could not make it due to the weather we still had a great turnout and an awesome time. East Of Maui gave out all kinds of goodies including lift tickets, hats, and shirts. It was such a good time that we may make it a regular thing, next up will be a welcome to...
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MD Sup Movie Day

Weather looks like it will be light snow till after 6 when it may turn to a mix so we should be ok. Please use your own judgement on driving, we will have another one of these so be safe. Hope to see you there at 3:30    

“I wish I was in Florida” is something we have heard a lot the last few days

We may have to worry about Ice but at least we do not have to worry about gators lurking beneath!!
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